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What to Do When You Have a Cracked Sewer Pipe

You have likely never given your sewer line a second thought. Most homeowners don’t – until something goes wrong. You’ll start noticing trouble in the form of a gurgling noise emanating from the toilet. Another symptom you may notice early-on is slow drainage, or a smelly sinkhole in the yard. These are signs of a cracked sewer pipe. And the city won’t cover the cost. So, you must handle the situation!

Why Sewer Pipes Fail

Your sewer line is no exception to the rule that nothing lasts forever. The older the pipe is, the more likely you’ll have a problem. However, a properly installed PVC pipe should have a lifespan of over 100 years. Older pipes were typically made of clay tile or steel, which may last 50 to 60 years on average.

It is all too common for a tree root to break through the wall of a sewer pipe, causing a significant blockage. As you know, trees love moisture. The roots want direct access to the water and waste running through the pipe. If this happens, you’ll not only deal with a leak but a significant clog, too.

Sewer Pipe Service

The moment you smell sewage or spot a wet patch in your yard, it’s time to replace the sewer line. Unfortunately, sewer line replacement is expensive. The job may cost a few thousand dollars. If the sewer line is old, it’s quite likely that other portions of the pipe have weakened over time. The entire pipe may require replacement.

Consider scheduling a camera inspection, a significantly less expensive technique, to determine the overall state of your sewer line.

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