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The Economic and Environmental Importance of Water Conservation

Water is a necessary resource that sustains human life. While most supplies appear abundant, water is not a limitless resource. Fresh potable water, which is most essential for our survival, has a limit that we must consider as a species. Water conservation has become ever more important over the years, and energy and equipment are saved due to everyone’s water preservation techniques.

Environmental Factors

Most life on Earth is indirectly tied to water. Conservation, as a whole, protects the overall balance of Earth’s ecosystem and life on this planet. A reduction in our water supply would upset the entire balance. Overuse, unfortunately, threatens other life forms while sustaining us to excess.

The United States Bureau of Reclamation reports that, in the past 100 years, over 21 species of fish have become extinct due to an alteration of their habitat. This means those areas were using more water than usual and siphoned from the local wildlife’s source.

Personal Costs

On a more personal level, water costs money to be processed and delivered to your home. Each time you use water, your utility company charges you a fee. The higher the demand for water, the higher the price you’ll ultimately pay. By conserving water in your household, whether by reducing the amount of water used or by installing water-efficient fixtures, you are saving money each month and helping the environment.

Energy Consumption

Lastly, over-consumption of water resources leads to over-consumption of energy. Water in today’s homes is often heated for cleaning, bathing, and more. All of this requires energy. Your local water utility company also uses energy to process and deliver your supply.

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