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Tankless Water Heater Installation Guide

Most homeowners switch to a tankless water heater for the money-saving benefits. A tankless water heater, also known as an on-demand water heater, saves money by removing the need for a bulky storage tank to storage copious amounts of hot water. Instead, the system provides the entire home with hot water at a moment’s notice.

A Quick Note

Before delving into an installation guide, we must urge everyone considering an electric tankless water heater to consider professional installation. This type of project requires extensive knowledge of plumbing systems, and local codes may require a licensed plumber to handle the work. In addition, warranties typically only apply if the unit is installed by a certified plumber.

For instance, you should know how to shut off the water to your home and how to cut into and connect new plumbing fittings and pipes.

Installation Guide

A new tankless water heater is typically installed directly against your wall, or set into the wall, between studs. If you intend to install the water heater into the wall, use a stud finder to locate a wall stud and cut a hole between them. Attach your new water heater to the wall following the instructions provided with the unit.
Next, route the water supply pipes to the new water heater. Be sure your new pipe from the water utility leads directly to the inlet and the pipe leading to your home is connected correctly to the outlet. Install shutoff valves on both lines. You may need a pressure relief valve, too.

Lastly, open the water valves but do not turn on the electricity. Open all the faucets in your home to run water through the unit for a minute or two. Shut off the water valves. Remove the inline filter, located near the inlet, and clean the debris. Replace the filter, reopen the water valves, restore electricity, and turn on the gas.

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