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Safety Tips for Gas Leak Repair

If you’re worried that there might be a hidden gas leak in your home, you should immediately take action. Gas leaks can pose serious health threats and should be addressed as soon as possible. However, don’t go diving into a potentially dangerous situation without a little guidance. Here are some tips to keep in mind when investigating and dealing with a worrisome gas leak.

  • Even if it’s dark, never bring a cellphone or flashlight with you to look for the leak. Matches and candles are even more dangerous.
  • Note any areas around your home where vegetation always seems to die or things look amiss. The damage could be the result of an unnoticed gas leak.
  • Don’t hit the any electric switches near the potential leak in case it triggers a flammable reaction.
  • Pay attention to the odors in your home. If you notice a rotten egg type smell in one area, it may be indicative of a dangerous gas leak. Crack the windows immediately to let the gas out of the building.
  • Listen closely for the hissing sound of gas escaping from an appliance. Remember, gas is colorless, so you won’t necessarily be able to spot a leak right away. Rely on your other senses to determine if there’s a leak.
  • Once you realize there is a gas leak in your home, get everyone out of the house as soon as possible, especially the elderly and young. Have everyone stand upwind of the area so they inhale as little gas as possible.
  • Don’t turn on vehicles or anything that could start a fire near the gas leak.
  • Call 911 or an emergency plumbing company to report the leak as soon as everyone is safely out of the home.

Gas leaks are no small matter, and if you believe your house might have one, immediately call in professional assistance. The experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Phoenix-Scottsdale can respond to the problem quickly. Their trained representatives will locate the leak and handle it safely so you can return to a gas-free home. To speak to a representative or report a problem, call 602-362-9165.

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