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How a Water Filtration System Can Change Your Life

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We all require water to survive. If your water supply is untreated, it can leave your entire family sick or unhealthy. Most people want to create a list of advantages and disadvantages before making a major purchase. Well, there are zero disadvantages to water purification. It’s healthy all-around. In many cities, access to fully purified and contaminant-free drinking water is lacking. A whole-home water filtration system with professional installation can drastically change that, though.

Water Filtration Protects Against Contaminants

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 90 percent of the world’s water supply is contaminated and unfit for consumption without some form of treatment. Water around the world contains microorganisms known to cause stomach ailments, including diarrhea, vomiting, and, on rare occasions, death.

A water filtration system kills such organisms to ensure the water supply is safe to consume.

Toxic Metals

Yep, that’s right. There are toxic metals in your drinking supply. Often, these materials include copper and magnesium; both of which are dangerous to your health in excess. Some minerals do not pose a health hazard, but they may make your water supply taste a little funny. To some, that’s enough to invest in a water filtration system.

Today’s top systems will remove toxic metals altogether from your home’s drinking supply, thereby reducing the risk of long-term exposure.

Other Key Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

We went into detail regarding the two primary benefits a water filtration system offers to homeowners. Reducing the two aforementioned items – contaminants and toxic metals – are perhaps the most crucial reason why you should invest in a new water filtration system. However, there are more, including:

  • A water filtration system will provide better-tasting and smelling drinking water by removing chemicals, such as chlorine, and other potentially harmful contaminants.
  • A point-of-use water filtration system can remove lead immediately, thereby preventing further harmful metals from entering your body.
  • Overall, a water filtration system costs significantly less to operate annually than purchasing packs of bottled water from the supermarket every week or two.
  • Drinking clean, filtered water has been proven to protect your immune system from disease and lead to better health overall.
  • Water filtration systems have been found to significantly reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases by nearly 33 percent.
  • There are over 2,100 known toxins present in today’s drinking water. A water filtration device removes the vast majority, if not all, from your home’s water supply.

As you can see, there are very clear benefits to investing in a water filtration system in your home. If not for the health boost, why not for the savings you’ll enjoy each month?


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