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How to Know When the Time Has Come for Sewer Line Cleaning

Something will always go wrong in your home. It’s like an unwritten law of being a homeowner. Often, those issues cannot be foreseen. Other times, though, you can absolutely watch and listen for telltale signs. Your sewer line is one such item. There are a variety of symptoms that indicate it’s time for a sewer line cleaning. In fact, you should schedule cleaning every 18-22 months for best results.

Keeping a Schedule

As we noted before, a good schedule to stick to when cleaning the sewer line is 18-22 months. If you experience recurring issues, schedule more often. You may need to call a plumber and setup a time for a video inspection.

Such an inspection involves a video camera being slowly guided down the plumbing to visually identify issues causing clogs or back-ups. The imagery from the inspection will allow your plumber to properly recommend treatment or repairs to correct the issue. Even scheduling a regular inspection throughout the year can save you both time and money.

Warning Signs

Like any other system in your home, there are warning signs you can catch that make scheduling sewer line repairs and cleaning easier. If you notice something wrong, call someone! It’s that simple.

  •         Raw sewage backing up into the drain, toilet, or tub
  •         Gurgling noises from the pipes
  •         Water around the floor drain
  •         Water backing up in the bathroom when using the washing machine
  •         Slow drainage
  •         Reoccurring clogs
  •         Sewer smells

These are the typical warning signs. You may notice one or more, though conditions vary depending on your issues.

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