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How to Choose Between Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

When choosing between sewer line repair and replacement work, you should consider your options very carefully before making any decision. Sewer lines typically run in unpredictable ways and may be hard to trace before excavation begins. In some cases, simple sewer repairs can resolve an issue, but frequently, sewer line replacement is the necessary option.

Types of Sewer Line Issues

The most common reason for sewer line repairs and replacement is due to a root-infested pipe. Over time, a nearby tree may begin to penetrate the sewer pipe, causing a severe blockage. Any type of breach in the pipeline can lead to an overall weakening of the pipe’s structure, and the material will begin to rot. In this case, sewer replacement is the only surefire method to consider.

Alternatively, a dislodged or misaligned sewer pipe can quickly be repaired. Your plumber will want to verify the exact location where the pipe is displaced, and what direction the pipes run.

Cost Consideration

You’re a homeowner. We know you’re likely working on a budget, as are many others within the community. Because of this, it is likely that price will play a significant factor in determining whether repairs are considered over replacements.

You should know that repairs typically cost less to complete than full replacements. With replacements, you must consider permits, mobilization, materials, labor, and time. Your average sewer repair will cost about half of what a replacement will.

Furthermore, you will want to receive at least three quotes for all sewer line repair and replacement work before moving forward. It’s the smart move.

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