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Can Scottsdale Summer Heat Affect Your Plumbing System?

For many, summertime is about getting outdoors and enjoying a bit of sunshine and barbecue. For others, the summer heat is tortuous, and it cannot be over soon enough. For your plumbing system, there’s a chance it may break down. When we think of plumbing, most homeowners worry about the pipes freezing during winter. During the summer, extreme heat can slow your system and even prevent it from working altogether. So yes – the summer heat will affect your plumbing system.

Useful Tips

Before temperatures soar, consider taking a few steps to protect your plumbing system. For instance:

  • Paint Your Pipes – If you have PVC pipes, heat and humidity may cause the material to expand. UV radiation from the sun also leads to expansion and the inability to absorb shock. Paint the pipes with a light color to repel the sun’s rays and prevent unwanted expansion.
  • AC Drain – Yes, your air conditioning system drain is a part of the plumbing system. Hot weather will lead to mold and mildew faster than normal, which then leads to air contamination. Check the drain on occasion.
  • Drain Cleaning – Schedule professional drain cleaning service to remove severe clogs and contaminated water.

Plumbing Inspections

Before summer, schedule a plumbing inspection with a trusted service provider. A scheduled inspection and maintenance helps locate current issues plaguing your system and prevents troubles from recurring. For a plumbing system, prevention is typically best.

Furthermore, preventative plumbing maintenance reduces the risk of lengthy or costly repairs. You’ll save more money in the long run, making a service appointment worth your time and money right this moment!

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